FREE Battery Test

FREE Battery Test

The Buggyman offers customers a FREE Battery Test.

The Buggyman has a range of excellent services, one of which is our FREE Battery Test for the battery from your favourite Golf Buggy or Motorised Cart. Bring your battery in to our workshop today and get your FREE Battery Test.

The FREE Battery Test will test both Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries and you can see how much life is left in them. In the event that your battery is almost gone, do not worry as The Buggyman has a range of new batteries for sale to replace the faulty one for your favourite Golf Buggy or Motorised Cart.

The M69C battery tester is a microcontroller based battery testing system designed to provide a reliable and accurate discharge test of 12 volt Lead Acid

Testing your battery could not be easier, we simply connect the tester to the battery and press the ENTER push button to begin the test. The test finishes automatically and shows the battery RUN TIME in minutes on the front panel LCD display and % battery capacity for Lithium batteries.

A summary test report can be exported to a PC, using the PC Report Software. The test report can be saved or printed on the PC's printer. The last test result is saved by the tester and can be recalled and reprinted as required.