The Buggyman specialises in Golf Buggy Sales and Service

Welcome to the web site for The Buggyman! We are a growing business in Victoria for sales and service of your favourite Golf Buggy or Motorised Cart. We are based here in the Surf Coast in Angelsea, right near some of Victoria's finest Golf Courses.

Golf Buggy Sales: At The Buggyman we provide sales of new Golf Buggies and Motorised Carts from many different suppliers. We have a huge range on offer to suit the requirements of most people. Please give us a call anytime to discuss what you are looking for in a new Golf Buggy.

Golf Buggy Servicing: At The Buggyman we provide servicing and repairs of a huge range Golf Buggies and Motorised Carts. We have a huge range of parts and components in stock and can make repairs to your favourite Golf Buggy.

FREE Battery Testing: At The Buggyman we provide FREE Battery Testing of the battery from your favourite Golf Buggy. Bring your battery in now for a FREE test.