FourStar Golf Cruiser

The FourStar Golf Cruiser is a state-of-the-art Electric Personal Vehicle (EPV). It has been designed with golf in mind.

Small, nimble and powerful, the FourStar allows golfers to cruise around the fairways and greens with ease and comfort. Giving individual golfers the opportunity to remain mobile and increase their speed of play is the FourStar's main game.

Golf clubs can also benefit from using FourStar Golf Cruisers. "The Cruiser's low pressure wide tyres leave minimal footprint on grassed areas, even when they are wet".Speeding up play is a priority for many golfers and golf clubs. The ability of the FourStar golf cruiser to follow the play individually, in contrast with shared two and four seat carts, enables players to get through their round faster than ever before.

Zig - zagging and backtracking are significantly reduced. This opens up more time on the course meaning more rounds played in any one day. Low operating costs, great purchase price and competitive lease rates provide golf course operators an opportunity to increase their income from the low-cost hire of FourStar Golf Cruisers.

The FourStar Golf Cruiser is ideal for those people who play individually and may not hire a multi-seat cart due to cost. The lower hire rate of a FourStar Golf Cruiser makes vehicle hire more appealing. A win for the player and for the course!